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Refuse derived Fuel        
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The benefit of producing refuse derived fuel from the high calorific fraction of municipal solid waste is well know. Stable markets do not exist for all of the materials found in MSW. Where markets exist and a profit can be made the best course of action is to recycle these materials. Where no market exists or the process is unprofitable materials should be baled as fuel, to reduce lanfill giving a 100% recycle rate.

The calorific value and therefore the quality of these bales can be greatly improved by tying the bale with Macpresse plastic wire, specifically designed for refuse derived fuel production, and wrapping in plastic film. Wrapping bales also improves their stability and prevents water and other liquids being absorbed into the bale. Turning waste to energy helps:

  • Reduce greenhouse gasses.

  • Reduce the amount of material sent to landfill.

  • Increase the amount of renewable energy used.

  • Save valuable fossil fuel.

  • Reduce the quantity of fuel imported into the country.

  • Bolster the security of the energy supply chain.

  • 100% recycle rate.


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