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R.C.P SA is the U.K supplier of Macpresse baling equipment. Macpresse equipment is suitable for processing refuse derived fuel (RDF), solid recovered fuel (SRF), paper in all its forms including news and pams, cardboard, plastic bottles and films such as PET, PVC, PP, HDPE and LDPE, timber and most other solid waste including municipal solid Waste (MSW). We supply https://www.printedtape.net with their raw materials and all of their machinery. 
The baler range is complimented by a range of high quality conveyor systems, wrapping lines, for use primarily in RDF and SRF production and in-line materials separators (Fluffers). The baling presses are also designed to work in conjunction with equipment from other suppliers for complex applications such as in a material recycling facility (MRF). Macpresse is a world leader in the design of baling equipment and conveyor systems.

Pictured Mac110/1 baling paper
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This month

Transwaste purchase their second baling press

Transwaste Recycling & Aggregates Ltd., have recently purchased their second Macpresse baling press, a Mac 111L/1, from RCP SA of Willenhall, West Midlands.  Impressed with the performance and reliability of their first Macpresse machine - installed three years ago - the company only considered Macpresse when it came to choosing a second machine. More

Biomass gains in popularity

Biomass is material which originates from living or previously living plant or animal matter that can be converted in to fibres. Wood, such as forest residues, yard trimmings, wood chips and municipal solid waste are the most prolific form of biomass, More

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